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This stove sits at the entrance of our property. When we were cleaning out the woods to build our building we found this old stove. It so represented what Grace Fellowship Ministries is to be in the community that we placed it in its present location.


“After 7 years of prayer, two broken hearts and a vision, Grace Fellowship Ministries was birthed. Sunday services began August 14, 1994. A prophetic word and an ensuing vision best describe Grace Fellowship Ministries. While attending a Pastor’s Conference, a prophetic word instructed me to go to a car wash that had been closed for many years and that God would speak to me there concerning this ministry. One Sunday morning, I stood by an old abandoned car wash and said, “Speak Lord, I am here.” As I looked around the car wash, there were many old thrown away appliances; a dump ground for old washers, dryers and water heaters. The Lord said that this was a picture of what Grace was to be. Grace would be a place where broken, discarded, seemingly worthless lives, would gather and be restored to newness. There would be many that the religious world had deemed as no longer of any value that would come and find total restoration. Many times because of certain past sins in people’s lives, the religious world deems some lives as limited and forever doomed. I believe when the Blood of Jesus covers a sin it is forgiven, forgotten, and that there is “no condemnation” for those who are in Christ. Praise God!!! We consider Grace to be a Full Gospel Church and believe that God enjoys jubilant praise, deep worship, and freedom of the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Billy Condrey
Pastor of Grace Fellowship from August 1994 – June 2019


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