Our Story

In May of 1994 the Lord began crossing the paths of people who were burned out on religion and hungry to see the Spirit of God move in a powerful, fresh way. They began meeting together in homes praying, worshiping and discussing scripture. By late that summer, they had outgrown a living room and began meeting in a small karate studio in town. The first official worship service was held there on August 14th. The Lord’s presence and favor was evident to all, and the church continued to grow. Grace has always been a place marked by a heart for worship, a passion for God’s word, a feeling of being at home with family and a desire to see broken lives restored.

There is an old stove on the property that serves as a constant reminder of the vision the Lord gave founding pastor, Billy Condrey. Through a prophetic word, he was directed to go to an abandoned car wash that had been closed for many years. Standing there, he noticed it had become a dumping ground for broken down appliances. As he scanned the property which was filled with old washers, dryers and water heaters, the Lord began to show him that Grace would be a place where broken, discarded, seemingly worthless lives would be restored and made new. The church continues today with the same heartbeat.